Arun’s masterstroke: Students’ union poll cancellation leaves many perplexed


Bhubaneswar: While protests are being seen at various colleges owing to cancellation of Students’ union polls, the decision has evoked mixed reactions.

A section of students and their parents has welcomed the decision reasoning better study environment in colleges, in addition to cut in unnecessary spending on election and campaigning.

Most importantly, the decision will keep non students and petty politicians out of campus, experts feel.

Practically, the union leaders hold office for three to four months as elections are held in September-October. And, students fill form for annual exam in December. So, spending so much on election is wastage of resources. The money can be spend meaningfully for development purposes, an educationalist expressed.

Worth mentioning, small-time politicians who make hay during election time are a worried lot.

Students poll is a way of electing our leader democratically. Depriving us from this exercise is not in the interests of students fraternity. Most leaders started their career as student leaders. If this will be stopped then how will future leaders be created, a student asked.

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