Covid19 crisis: Jagannath temple servitors to get Rs 5000 towards second installment as assistance


Puri (TF Bureau): The servitors of the Jagannath Temple in Puri will soon receive a second installment towards assistance as corona crisis help.

In the first phase, Rs 5,000 was provided by the temple administration to help them as devotees have been banned to enter the temple since the pandemic.

A similar amount will be provided as the second installment, Dr Krishan Kumar, the temple’s chief administrator, said today.

After reviewing the work being done for the welfare of the devotees, Dr. Kumar said that the temple was closed due to the pandemic in the state, which had a serious impact on the income of the servitors.

“It came to our notice about the impact of corona virus on the income of the servitors and on their livelihood. It has been decided that the names of the servitors who are not covered by the health insurance will be included in the insurance list immediately,” the Chief administrator added.

Emphasis is also placed on the health of Daitapati Nijog and all other Nijog servitors who are serving within the temple.

About 5,000 masks will be provided to them to stay safe from COVID-19.

With the help of Boyanika or any SHGs, masks will be made and distributed. The design will be finalized in two days, the chief administrator said.

Discussions will be held next Sunday on how their families will be covered while all the temple rituals are going peacefully.

In addition, the construction work at the chariot is progressing smoothly, said Dr Kumar, the chief administrator.

On this occasion, the Chief Administration thanked the servitors, temple administration officials and the people of Puri for the smooth completion of the Snana Jatra of the Trinity.

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