Food blogging is the next big thing in Odisha

Food blogging is the next big thing in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has a wide range of gastronomical delights which has made many to fall in love with it.

While foodies had been relishing the finger-licking cuisines, proper documentation had not been done. For this, many food bloggers have taken the mantle to keep the tradition alive.

We have compiled some of the young and promising bloggers who are making it big on social media platforms.

Sinorita Dash

Sinorita Dash whose Instagram Handle foodishah has more than 9K+ followers is an intense food lover and a home chef. Her combined passion for cooking, exploring good food, places and photography has bought her into this field of food blogging. With her innovative cooking ideas and skills, she has participated in many cooking competitions. She believes in surviving with old culture and welcoming new trends. Though she loves local cuisines of Odisha, she also loves to explore modern cuisines and her page is all about that.

Sakib Hussain

Sakib Hussain from The Food Hub started his page in 2018 which is currently having 7k+ followers. He loves clicking photographs and eating food which got him into food blogging. His blog helps people to know about different food joints in town. He started posting stories on his personal page before chronicling on his dedicated page.

Ankita Pati

Ankita Pati from @mistivin23 can be well described as a globe gourmand. That sounds weird but she is a person who loves traveling and exploring food. Traveling and hunting for gastronomical treasures is one of her unstoppable desires. With that passion she started her journey as travel and a food blogger. Now with more than 5k followers, she thinks her page on Instagram was born to showcase her travelling adventures, eatery scenes & the things she loves to do.

Raj Mohanty

Raj Mohanty from Being_Foodie_boy started his page as a hobby in 2018. He is having 9k+ followers on Instagram. Sheer passion towards food got him into blogging. He likes to visit any new restraunts that comes up in town, try their signature dishes and post them on his WhatsApp stories. After complaints from many friends that he is uploading such delicious food that is making them crave for them made him start his new page on Instagram– “The Foodie Boy Bhubaneswar”. He is quite popular in the food community and has personally taken up many collaboration with restraunts in town. His page gives all the latest food/restraunts coming up in town.

Piyalee Bhowal

Piyalee Bhowal whose Insta Handle @piyalee_creations has more than 1k+ followers is a big time foodie and a passionate photographer. She loves exploring places, cultures and their food. According to her, Bhubaneswar food culture has changed a lot in the past few years and is trending gradually. She loves trying out new dishes over the weekends. For her, food is altogether a different genre which binds culture and people together.

Priyanka Mishra

Priyanka Mishra from @the_yumm_paradise has a long lost love for food. From referring friends to good food places to being advised to create a food page, her journey of T_Y_P began. Now with more than 7k+ followers, she thinks content is the king of all to survive on social media and is the sole thing for having a good page.

Debabrata Das

Debabrata Das from @chota_chef, started his page in 2019 January having 4k+ family. He loves food photography and is very passionate to promote Odia culture to the whole world. His food blog helps people to know about Odia culture and food. He thinks every moment should be dedicated for food thats for he usually writes – wake up It’s food’o clock.


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