How to make your skin glow?


Some morning practices like drinking water and following your morning skincare routine can help your skin to get a natural glow.

So, if you are not sure about how to make your skin glow, here are some tips that will surely help.

  1. Pamper your skin with a gentle face massage: It is an effortless way to make your skin glow and look youthful. For face massage you just need to Splash some water on your face and massage your skin with your fingertips in a circular motion for five to seven minutes. Remember whenever you do make sure that you are doing in an upward direction, starting from the cheeks.

This face massage will help you to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and bring back your natural glow.

  1. Start your day with a healthy drink: Water is the first thing you should be drinking for clear and glowing skin but to make your morning better you can add some yummy ingredients.

To give your skin a boost of nutrients and vitamins, add some lemon juice and honey with some green tea leaves .

Drink glass of fruit juice, smoothie or fresh coconut water.

  1. Morning Excercise: Morning workout not only benefits your body and calms your mind but also makes your skin glow brighter than ever.

You can try cardio workouts, dance, yoga, running or simply walk your way to flawless skin.

Spare at least half an hour each morning.

  1. Have a healthy breakfast: What you eat always shows on your skin. 

Since breakfast is your first meal of the day, make it the healthiest too. Include smoothie bowls with fruits and top it with almonds, and other superfoods that are good for your skin. You can try a protein-rich meal like egg, salad.

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