Jatani MLA throws COVID-19 caution to the wind


Bhubaneswar (TF Bureau): While the world is grappling with the increasing COVID-19 cases, some consider themselves invincible.

This apparently is the case with Jatani MLA and senior Congress leader Suresh Routray aka Sura Routray. The people’s representative today make a mockery of the COVID19 guidelines imposed by the government to contain its spread.

He along with his several supporters and few relatives of a COVID patient staged a sit-in in front of a private hospital after his death.

When someone loses his/her dear ones, it’s but natural to get broke. Staging a protest in front of a COVID hospital risks many lives.

It seems the prominent leader is unaware that the deadly SARS-COV2 virus is lethal and chooses it’s victim indiscriminately. Not only the MLA but also his men were seen not wearing a mask. Besides, they didn’t maintain social distancing.

Now, the question arises, when police, local administrations and governments are trying their best to arrest the infection, how far it is justified to hold demonstrations?

Who will be held responsible if someone contracts the disease? Can the elected representative afford to behave such irresponsibly? Doesn’t the reckless act put cold waters on government’s efforts? Is slapping a fine of some thousand bucks enough to prevent such occurrences in future?

Our readers are our best judges. We leave it upto you.

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