ODYSSEY: The Odia Food Trails; Breakfast With Odias

ODYSSEY: The Odia Food Trails; Breakfast With Odias

Bhubaneswar: The food bloggers in Odisha once again huddled to compile the list of mouthwatering Odia delicacies.

Odia cuisine is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods and varieties. It reflects a perfect blend of culture and ages. Traditional Odia foods give an exquisite vision of Odisha’s rich cultural heritage. Hence to showcase this tradition and Culture the members/food bloggers of Odessay: The Odia Food Trails have come up with this initiation to project the rich food heritage of Odisha with an aim to uplift Odia cuisine and give it a special stand at the global stage.

#breakfastwithOdias was the theme for last Sunday where Mudhi to Malpua, bara ghuguni to dahibara & Puri dalma to Chuda Upma all sorts of special Odia breakfast from different region of Odisha were posted on Instagram and Facebook by various Odia food bloggers from different parts of Odisha.


Dahi Chuda by @mrs_ mohapatra.

Chuda with home made cultured yogurt– one of the famous breakfast items from Odisha, specially from Puri district. It’s real and natural, made with zero oil and the interesting part of it is, it needs no cooking also. Much much better option than the packaged instant breakfast available in market. This breakfast is an unsung hero of Odia cuisine. I am sure every Odia has a lot of memories which connects their hearts to this dish. This post is contributed by @mrs_mohapatra.

ଭୁଜା/ମୁଢି, ମିକ୍ସଚର୍, ଆଚାର:
Bhuja/Mudhi, Mixture, Achar/Pickle!!

Mudhi Mixture by @mistivin

Puffed rice or ‘mudhi’ is one of the most likeable food items in Odisha and entire North-east of India. Surprisingly, both at home and in the street food items, this item has not so far found any replacement and continues to stay king among all snack items. Be it any park in India, ‘Mudhi Masala’ tops the list as the preferred snack to other items. Preparing “Mudhi” in the rural households continues to be a part of daily routine as rice is heated in a sand-filled oven. As an alternative, it is also prepared by heating rice kernels in steam.

“Baripada Mudhi is now a world famous brand name, which has won appreciation of rich and poor. This item is greatly palatable as you could mix it with any snack item like mixture, namkeen etc, add any spicy pickle to it with some chopped onions & chillis which adds great taste to the preparation. We Baripadias invariably keep this combination in our breakfast menu. This post is contributed by @mistivin.

ଦ‌‌ହିବରା ଆଳୁଦମ /Dahibara Aloodum:

Dahi Bara Aloodum by @smitapriyadarsini

The delicacy is synonymous to Cuttack and Cuttackiyas. There is a saying that “You can take a Cuttackiya out of Cuttack but you can never take Cuttack out of Cuttackiya”. Similar is the love for “Dahibara Aloodum”. Dahibara or fried Urad dal dumplings soaked in curd (in this case the curd is little more runny or watery) and Aloodum is spicy potatoes slow cooked in Indian spices (Cuttack style Aloodum has distinct taste).

The people in Cuttack believe that this is something that can be taken in breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner. It is because of its combination of being a complete meal. To spread the origin, 1st March is celebrated as “Dahibara Aloodum Divas”. Once started as a humble meal for people, it has now travelled across and has local influence outside Cuttack.

Generally it is presented in a eco-friendly leaf bowl with 5-6 curd soaked Bara complementing the hot & spicy nature of Aloodum and topped with chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves and to some Sev to give that final crunch. This makes it a perfect meal with a balance of soft dumplings, spicy potatoes, crunchiness of Sev. And then the thirst is quenched by Dahi Paani which has a hydrating property for your body. This post is contributed by @smitapriyadarsini.

ବରା / ବିରି ବରା (Bara) :

Bara by @haq_se_foodie

ବରା / ବିରି ବରା (Bara) is a very popular delicacy of Odisha. Bara, the hero in Odia breakfast is a major part in Odia cuisine. The staple dish served alone or sometimes with ghuguni is a favourite breakfast in Odisha families. Bara or bada is prepared with black gram or urad dal. These baras are crispy from outside and spongy within and are full of onions and other spices which make these the most appetizing. We Odias live life like a king size and so also portray that feeling in our food. A heavy relishing breakfast is always our priority. This post is contributed by @haq_se_foodie.

ଉପମା / Upma:

Upma by @foodishah

Odisha is the soul of India. We have a vast culture and tradition which we enjoy celebrating it. South India has a special influence in Odisha and this is evident in our southern districts. Some of the cuisines of South India have become natural part of the diet of this region. And Odia have not only accepted the cuisine but also have transformed the dishes to something uniquely Odia. One of the dishes is Upma. There is no difference in the preparation of the dish. But some variations are there. We use jeera, raw chilli, different vegetables and pulses to balance the taste and texture. Our upma is comparatively more dry as we eat it along with ghuguni. This post is contributed by @foodishah.

Malpua and Alu Kassa:

Malpua + Aloodum by @hungrymedico

A delicacy of Odisha — the combo is the best breakfast since eaten by Odisha. Malpua is kind of pancake that is taken as dessert. And it’s a favourite dish of Lord Jagannath and a part of chappan bhog. The combo is just awesome, a must try. This post is contributed by @hungry_medico.

ଚକା ପିଠା/chaka pitha:

Chaka Pitha @bhukkad_gabbru

Before 81years in 1927, chaka pitha was created by one Banshidhar babu. He owned his own sweet shop in ”Tarbha” which is located bordering Bolangir and Sonepur district. Tarbha is under Sonepur district but it’s just 20 km away from Bolangir and 30 km away from Sonepur. Just for this chaka pitha, people from far-flung areas also used to visit this place. But nowadays it’s easily available in Bolangir and Sonepur’s different food stalls.

Chaka pitha is one kind of fried bara (vada) which is made from rice and urad dal with stuffing (aloo masala). It is served with tomato chutney, tentuli/tetel/imli chutney and aloo ghuguni. This is an authentic western Odisha snacks which is loved by people since last 81 years in Bolangir and Sonepur. After chaul bara this is the next things which makes you drooling. This post is contributed by @bhukkad_gaabru.

The soul food of western Odisha- ” ଚାଉଳ ବରା”/Chaula bara ❤:

Chaula Bara by @ foodie_pragnya

While walking around the streets of Western Odisha, you will definitely come across numerous thelas and shops serving this golden little crispy balls with spicy tamarind chutney. Rice being the staple food of Odisha finds its way into all the courses of meals in the day.

Chaula bara made of rice is an integral part of the Odia cuisine most popularly served as a breakfast or evening snacks. While it’s drizzling outside, nothing can be more appetising than a plate of chaula bara. This post is contributed by @foodie_pragnya.

Aromatic tempering of pancha phutana and grated coconut seasoned in ghee, fresh vegetables, Dal (lentils) and nutrients, this is our ଡାଲମା (DALMA). This staple food at every Odia household has also a big part in our breakfast. This plate of Puri served with Dalma at Ram Mandir Tiffin Centre, shows how Odia love this dalma combo. This tiffin centre has been here since so long and been our favourite place as well. So, here showing you the place where Bhubaneswar breaks its fast.

Puri, Dalma & Rasagola by @foodies_of_bhubaneswar

On my plate- ପୁରୀ, ଡାଲମା, ରସଗୋଲା (Puri,Dalma and Rasagola). This post is contributed by @foodies_of_bhubaneswar.

This initiative is started by Ankita Pati (mistivin), Sinorita Dash (foodishah) and Subham Kumar (foodie0119)- all well known food blogger of the state.