Recipe and methods to prepare ‘Kachi Murgh Dum Biriyani’

Recipe and methods to prepare ‘Kachi Murgh Dum Biriyani’

(Contributed By Sidhartha Dipankar)

Here are the recipe and the following steps to prepare ‘Kachi Murgh Dum Biriyani’ at home:

Spices for Rice:

2 small strands of mace (or javitri)

1 black cardamom (or badi elaichi)

4 green cardamom (elaichi)

3 inch cinnamon stick (or dalchini)

6 cloves (or laung)

1 large or 2 small bay leaf (or tej patta)

Half table spoon (tsp) caraway seeds (or shahi jeera)

1 star anise (biryani flower)

Soak long grain basmati rice in water for 30 mins.

Heat water, add 1 table spoon oil, salt 4-5 table heaped spoon, 1 table spoon sugar, Saha jeera.

Except Saha jeera all other spices to be tied in a thin cloth and put it in that water.

Let the water boil for some time.

Then stir the water and gradually add the soaked rice.

After adding rice into the water don’t stir vigorously because that breaks the grains.

Remove that cloth with dry spices.

Drain the rice once half done.

Ensure half done because in the heat itself rice get cooked even after draining.


Spices for Marination:

Ginger garlic paste

1 to 2 green chilies slit (adjust to suit your taste)

Fresh curd

Lemon juice 1 spoon

Kashmiri red chili powder

Normal Garam Masala powder

Green cardamom powder

Nutmeg powder a pinch for 500 gm chicken

Handful of coriander and mint leaves chopped.

Mix thoroughly.

Set aside for at least 3 hrs.

To get really juicy and soft chicken, it is highly suggested to keep it marinated for overnight in the fridge.


I just didn’t go for multi layer chicken and rice. Rather took a heavy base pot.

Cooked marinated chicken with brown onion, pudina/mint, coriander leaves till half done.

Ensured chicken in a single layer and evenly spreaded.

Layer the half cooked rice evenly; add fried onions, mint and coriander leaves over the chicken.

Repeat steps of layering rice, coriander mint leaves and then fried onions.

Pour the saffron milk all over. (Optional)

Cover the rim of the casserole with foil to trap the dum or steam. You can also use dough on the rim and den seal the lid.

Use a wet cloth at the rim.

Spread this cloth over the rim. Cover with a tight and heavy lid.

Place this over a thick hot tawa or griddle.

Set the flame to medium high such that the flame reaches all over the diameter of the casserole. Cook this way for exactly 20 minutes.

Now reduce the flame to minimum (as low as possible).

Cook this way for exactly 15 mins. Off the flame and leave it as it is for at least 20 to 30 mins for getting the flavor infused.

Open and serve with chilled raita.

While serving ensure the laddle goes from top to bottom to get all the layers on a single serve.