Two Persons Entered Bedroom of Barsha Priyadarshini, Police Reach At Anubhav Mohanty’s Residence


Cuttack (TF Bureau): A day after Ollywood actress Barsha Priyadarshini dialed emergency number 100 and sought police protection, she has filed a complaint with Purighat Police alleging that two persons entered her bedroom yesterday and clicked photographs.

Barsha alleged that the two persons, who work in MP Anubhav Mohanty’s residence at Nandi Sahi in Cuttack, entered her bedroom yesterday, clicked photographs and shot videos.

Barsha alleged that her life is in threat and sought police protection. As per reports, a woman constable has been deployed at Anubhav’s residence to ensure the safety and security of Barsha.

She has already brought domestic violence allegations against her husband Anubhav Mohanty who has refuted the allegations.

Speaking on the allegations, Anubhav had earlier said that it’s his personal matter and as the matter is in the court, the truth will prevail.

“If we are harassing the Honorable madam (Barsha), why is she still staying in my house?” Anubhav questioned.

The Kendrapara MP also requested not to play dirty politics with his personal life. He also urged media to refrain from sensationalising his family matter for TRP.

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